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The Benefits of a Professional Logo Design

If we asked you to name the most identifiable part of any business what would you say it is?

Think about that for a moment. Some of the biggest household brands have iconic logos which are easily recognizable worldwide. The golden arches of McDonalds ‘M’, the Apple logo, Twitter’s blue bird, Coca-Cola’s noteworthy red and white script are all examples of logos that are easily and instantly recognizable. Even if you’ve never been a consumer of any of these products, there’s no doubting which businesses they represent.

The logo is such an important - yet often overlooked part of your businesses overall branding, so it’s crucial that you get your logo right.

So, what are the benefits of a professionally designed logo you ask?

  1. It creates a great first impression - It takes just ten seconds for a first impression of a brands logo is formed. That’s right! Before you can even say hi, an impression is formed

  2. It’s designed with a concept and strategy behind it - They didn’t just wake up one day and say that they’re going to the moon. No, they sat down and created concept after concept and over time created a strategy on how to succeed. The same can be said about a logo

  3. It gives you clarity and points you in the right direction - Just like Captain Jack Sparrow and his compass, your logo clarifies what your business is about and it helps point you in the direction that you want your business to go

  4. It gives your business an identity - We all want our business to be instantly recognizable, like the ones listed above, but it takes five to seven impressions to customers to recognize your logo. Brand recognition is the goal and a professionally designed logo is the means to get there

  5. It evokes an emotion and connection - You might not notice this right away, but your logo like everything, it evokes an emotion (preferably a positive one). And at the same time it will create a connection between your business and your customer

  6. It personifies your business - A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. But we forget that it’s also an extension of you. Your values and personality will go into the logo and help form a brand that your customers can connect with

  7. It looks great - Now, who wouldn’t want a logo that looks great? If you’re embarrassed by your logo then your customers will pick up on that instantly. Pride in your logo will be seen and that pride leads to excitement and, well, excitement is contagious. And if you’re excited, then your customers will be too

If you would like to harness the power of a professionally designed logo created for your business, please get in touch.