Infinity Studios

Sarazen Brooks: Changing the face of the Vancouver art scene through spirituality

Although Infinity Studios isn’t the typical new, small or startup company that we usually work with, we didn't let that stop us. They were going through a complete brand overhaul and saught out our expertiese. A new logo and brand identity were required to complement the new direction of their studio.

To attract a new clientele in the highly competitive art scene and wholistic market, Infinity Studios wanted a logo & subsequent branding that stood out from the rest. Chewy Designs&trade partnered with Infinity Studios to tackle their overall image which included logo development, & marketing collateral such as business cards.

We decided to approach the design of the new logo by playing off the new name of the studio and the infinity tattoo on the owners wrist. We didn’t want to go in the typical direction of using the infinity symbol, but we also wanted to convey the same message. The best solution for solving this problem was to create an ambigram.

We chose to use a hand lettered script lettering instead of the standard Blackletter or a sans serif font to create something truly unique and one of a kind.

I am very proud to have my award winning logo designed by Chewy Designs. Their creativity and ingenuity is unsurpassed and they are a wonderful up and coming design boutique to keep your eye on.

– Sarazen Brooks
Infinity Studios

  1. A professional logo and subsiquent branding that would attract new clientele and help to convey their new found direction
  2. A print ready logo that could also be used online and in social media
  3. To express the same qualities found in the infinity symbol (∞)


  1. To use hand lettering in an unexpected way
  2. A simple black and white colour palette was used to highlight the simplicity of the overall business vision
  3. For the logo to be legible in any orientation


  1. One original design concept
  2. Three rounds of revisions
  3. Files for online, social media and print
  4. Custom colour palette

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